Photography Facts

Are you looking for funny photography facts? So, Today we are sharing some amazing photography facts which will blow you mind!

  • “World Photography Day” is Every 19th of August.
  • The First Digital Camera Weighed 8 Pounds.
  • The Human Eye Has an f-Stop of f/8.3.
  • The First Handheld Digital Camera Was Invented Way Back in 1975.
  • The Largest Photography Competition Ever Received Over 350,000 Entries.
  • Polaroid Produced the First Auto-Focus SLR Camera in 1979.
  • The First Negative Was Created Almost 200 Years Ago.
  • The First Digital Camera Weighed 4x More Than a Modern DSLR.
  • The Inventor of Photography Also Invented the Internal Combustion Engine.
  •  The Largest Camera Collection Consists of over 4,500 Cameras.
  •  Selfies Were Technically Invented in 1839.
  • The Most Expensive Camera Was Sold for $2.8 Million.
  • Everyone Has a “Good Side;” It’s the Left Side of Your Face.
  • Facebook Has 10,000 Times the Number of Photos as the US Library of Congress.
  • The Most Viewed Photograph in History is this Old Windows Default Screen.
  • The First Photo Booth Was Created in New York City in 1925.
  • A 35mm format film was first introduced in 1925 by Leica.
  • The First Photo of a Person Was Accidental.
  • The First Photo Booth Was Created in New York City in 1925.
  • The First Aerial Photo No Longer Exists.
  • Digital Photography is Better for the Planet Than Traditional Photography.
  • The First Color Photo Wasn’t Taken Until 1861.
  • Kodak Almost Went Bankrupt in 2012.
  • The First Flashes Were Mini-Explosions.

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