Social media usage has become a crucial part of our daily life.  Both for the individuals and the group, social media serve as a great platform to connect with many people.  It helps us to meet many new people.  Even though this is possible only virtually, it gives us a different kind of exposure and experience.

Many people get job opportunities with the help of social media.  Many people even meet their life partners on social media.  If used wisely, social media turns out to be a massive weapon that can influence millions of people within a few seconds.

There are different kinds of social media tools available for us, which can be used in the fields of education and business.  They mainly help many business firms to reach a great number of audiences easily.  Social media is also used by individuals to express themselves.  Many people use social media to express their talents, feelings, events that take place in their life, etc.…

They use social media to express their sadness, anger, happiness, etc.…  They get to know many things with the help of social media.  The different types of social media tools are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SocialPilot, Buffer, BuzzSumo, Missinglttr, etc.…  Let’s have an analysis of some of the social media tools which will help us to know, how to use them in a proper way.


         Facebook is one of the famous social media which has millions of users worldwide.  It is one of the biggest social media which has the strongest influence among the audience.  People use Facebook to find their friends, to meet new people, to connect with their old acquaintances, to enlarge their community, to improve their business, etc…  Facebook is considered a great platform for selling any products or services which result in the progress of the concerned business firm.


           Instagram is a visualized social media platform that enables users to share photos and videos.  Since it has features that allow us to comment, like, and share, many business firms use Instagram to get feedback from the customers and to connect with the target audience.  Hence Instagram proves to be an efficient social media tool for business development.


       Twitter is an important social media tool that allows users to share their feelings, suggestions, and opinions in the form of texts which are known as tweets.  It is also a modified form of the microblogging platform.  We can also share journals and news items with our followers.  The followers are also immediately get updated about any important news by Twitter.


        WhatsApp proves to be one of the important social media platforms which allow the users to share photos, videos, and to make voice calls and video calls.  It is used by many people worldwide.  It also has the feature of using for business since it gives us the option to use either a personal account or a business account.


        SocialPilot Review is a social media marketing tool which helps the users to efficiently establish their brand and to make it popular.  SocialPilot reviews are also extremely good for users.  SocialPilot also helps the users to increase traffic for their websites.  SocialPilot Reviews are available at a low cost whereas other tools only provide reviews only with a good amount of charge.  Reviews about SocialPilot are also very good from the users stating that it provides services at considerably low cost when compared to other social media marketing tools.  SocialPilot Reviews quite accurate and to the point.


        Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps us to schedule our posts in various social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…  It enables us to manage many of our social accounts with this one tool.  Hootsuite efficiently manages our social media accounts single-handedly.


         YouTube is also considered one of the best social media marketing tools.  It enables users to share their content in the form of videos.  It proves to be a useful social media tool even for people who don’t have access to some other media tools and for people who lack the knowledge of social media.  It helps all kinds of people to express themselves in an interesting manner.


         Buffer is a social media management tool that enables the social media accounts of the users to automatically post the scheduled posts.  The schedule is already made by the concerned user in Buffer.  Then Buffer uses the same schedule made by the user to let the social media accounts to post the content automatically.  This tool is mainly helpful for busy people who often don’t find time to maintain their social media accounts.


       BuzzSumo is a different kind of social media tool which helps us to know about our competitors’ ideas and technology.  It gives information to us about their sources and about their target audiences.  It helps us to become a good influencer in the concerned targeted market with more effectiveness.


         Missinglttr is a social media marketing tool that is designed in such a way that helps us to get automated campaigns for our business firms or for our startups that ultimately help us to drive traffic for our websites for an entire year.  This tool is an easy to use tool which doesn’t have any complications in its usage.


          MeetEdgar is an innovative social media management tool that helps us to keep all the social media tools of the users alive with good content by automatically posting the scheduled posts.  It also helps in organizing the content scheduled by the users.  It helps the users by taking over the laborious process of managing the content of their social media accounts from their shoulders.

Thus, you might have gained a good perception of the different social media marketing tools available in the markets which prove to be helpful for all kinds of business firms and also for startups. With the help of this analysis, we can choose the best tool for us.

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